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How can citizenship be achieved in India?
A) Birth or heritage
B) With registration or marriage
C) By deregulation by law
* D) All of the above

Who wrote the first Hindi language language?

A) Swaraj Vihari
* B) Sneharshmi
C) Precious
D) Generation

What greatness is known as Satyavir?
* A) Socrates
B) Sikander
C) Sophocles
D) Homer

Who has searched the elevator

A) Joseph Swann
B) Peter Goldmark
* C) Alisa Otis
D) Brusanel Otis

Which woman is the woman of the world?

* A) Margorita Thatcher
B) Elizabeth Taylor
C) Merry Intervention
D) The Ark of John

According to the Indian National Calendar, what is the first month?
* A) Chaitra
B) Posh
C) Kartak
D) Reclaim

Synonyms of the word flood

* A) Ranawas
B) Dilnagar
C) Hiking trail
D) Manpur

In Dairy Kya district, which is located in Gujarat?

A) Mehsana
B) Gandhinagar
* C) Bhavnagar
D) Surat

What is the minimum age requirement to become a Member of Parliament?

A) 30
* B) 25
C) 21
D) 35

What is the current name of Brahmadesh?

A) Thailand
* B) Myanmar
C) Siam
D) The Maldives

Who is the right person to protect in the Indian Penal Code?

A) The property of the property
B) Body
* C) Property and Body
D) None of the above

Mama's house is a burning fire - the meaning of saying

* A) The time comes to know exactly what to do
B) Fun at Mama's house
C) In front of the eyes
D) Be very close

In which state the Panchayati Raj first started?

A) Madhya Pradesh
* B) Rajasthan
C) Gujarat
D) Punjab

Who was the popular writer of child literature?

* A) Gajubhai Baroda
B) God Petalikar
C) Ramanbhai Neelkanth
D) Kakasaheb Kalelkar

According to the provisions of the Indian Evidence Act, do not include 'confession' of the following?

A) written and oral
B) Oral
C) Written
* D) Logical

What is the key to Chinese culture?

A) Barometer
B) Thermometer
* C) Compass
D) Vagrants

What type of literary form of blood engagement is there?

A) novel
* B) Nuvula
C) Workshop
D) Single Direction

Do not y yo word synonyms.
* A) Cliff
B) Cave
C) Kuhur
D) Chasm

we traveled to lipoh___ bus

A) at
B) in
* C) by
D) on

He does not approve ___ our plans.

A) on
* B) of
C) to
D) by

What is the name 'Oshansam' (nickname)?
* A) Natwarlal Pandya
B) Bhanushashankar Vyas
C) Junk Shankar Butch
D) Dhirubhai Thacker

Which of the following is related to Shri Kaka Kalelkar?
* A) essayist
B) novelist
C) Characters
D) Writer

Which gas is responsible for the phenomenon of acid rain?

A) Carbon monoxide
B) Nitrogen Dioxide
C) Hydrogen
* D) Sulfur Dioxide

How much cranium is there to run a Lok Sabha session?

A) 0.05
* B) 0.1
C) 0.15
D) 0.2
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