Gujarati pdf of first aid

Gujarati pdf of first aid

Principles of primary treatment

Primary treatment is the immediate and temporary care of the patient which gives relief to the patient before receiving medical treatment. The main goals of giving first aid should be clear in the mind of the man giving this kind of relief. It is as follows

> To save lives.

> Prevent further injury or illness.

> Relieve pain or other symptoms.

> Arrange for medical treatment as early as possible.

In order to provide first aid accurately, it is necessary to have the necessary information about it (which is described in detail in this book), but in addition, the treatment provider needs to develop the following skills.

The art of observation

A closer look at the patient and the things around him can reveal his problems and solutions.

Efficiency and Tact

A clear understanding of what the treatment offers and the ability to make the treatment a success by giving the necessary guidance to the patient and those around him. Cultivating it requires meditating and practicing treatable events.


The principles of first aid can be understood by reading through books, but in fact the situation at the scene is different from what is described in the book. How to work there depends on the healer's understanding. Confidence and well-being

A healthy and confident treatment provider (patient) and his relatives can be comforted. Never do the wrong embarrassment and highway work, on the contrary can get worse.

Common rules of giving primary treatment are reached by an accidental place, immediately, the necessary material.

Whenever more than one patient is injured, to whom the first treatment is to be treated. To be treated before they are in juice. That means that breathing is closed or weak; Which is constantly bloody; There is a survival of the shock; The surrounding environment is likely to be more likely to be injured, such as in the fire rested house, the person who has trapped in the debris; Body delicate limbs such as brain, heart, and chest are serious injuries; All those patients need immediate life defense operations.

When respiration is slow or much blood wasted, artificial respiration is needed to prevent or prevent bleeding and take it on the first hand. Next after asking what issues, and how much importance is to be treated by asking the problems of the patient and inspection of all the injuries.

Sending someone to manage medical treatment than primary treatment. And if needed to manage the patient to move in place.

Gujarati pdf of first aid

Gujarati pdf of first aid Downlod

To help you contact the neighbors or around people. To inform the police in severe conditions. To report the patient's relatives, if there is unconscious patient, calling his address from his wallet etc. to call the corresponding. When the patient is in reality, earnains the name, address, phone no, relatives etc., so if it is unconscious.

Do not move without needing, without needing, without needing, but it needs to be done by its caller, pants, shirt etc.

Patient should be shaky or bags. It is possible to sustain it in a comfortable position.

To be treated to be tolerably deal with the patient, so that the patient is very important to give himself a tucker against the situation.

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