Conductor Old Papers 2017 to 2021 Download

Conductor Old Papers 2017 to 2021 Download

O.M.R of 100 marks, 100 questions as per the syllabus as mentioned in the advertisement. Method A competitive written test will be conducted and the duration will be 1:00 hours. There is no minimum mark to be considered for passing this test.

In the question paper of the main examination, the syllabus standard and subject matter will be question paper (OM.R.) corresponding to the subjects of general knowledge and minimum educational qualification of standard-12th level in Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

The medium of examination will be in Gujarati except English Grammar (12th standard).
There will be one question paper of 100 marks and each question will carry 01 (one) marks.
True- False answer, answer with more than one option, mixed answer and omitted answer will be considered for evaluation of answer book by O.M.R method. Marks for wrong, crossed, multiple choice and omitted answer will be evaluated by minus method. 0.25 marks will be deducted from each answer for each wrong answer, answer left blank, if there is more than one option, but if the candidate does not want to answer and darkens option (E) in the O.M.R answer sheet, minus 0.25 marks will be deducted. will not come

Every candidate should carry a valid photo ID proof for his/ her identity like (Election Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Identity Card authorized by Government etc.) at the reporting place/ date/ time mentioned in the collator. Have to appear and take the necessary steps regarding registration.

If a woman candidate has mentioned husband's name instead of father's name in the application form after marriage, then marriage certificate / affidavit (notarized) / gazette has to be brought and that proof has to be produced to the examiner / at the time of document verification.
The original collator should be brought by the candidate to the examination venue and to the examiner / at the time of document verification Must be submitted.

O.M.R. Candidates who attempt to identify themselves with any sign, writing, alphabetic sign for their identity in the answer book will be disqualified for this examination.

Conductor Old Papers 2017 to 2021 Download

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Candidates are not allowed to carry or use any type of handwritten, printed book or paper note, calculator, mobile phone, cellphone, smart watch, ear phone, buds or any kind of electronic equipment except collator in the examination hall / hall, even if a candidate comes A candidate found to be carrying or using the item will be disqualified.

Candidate must use only brown or black ball pen to mark the answer in the answer book of the examination.

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