Pradhan Mantri Vishwakarma Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Vishwakarma Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Vishwakarma Yojana

Main Objectives of the Central Scheme Scheme for Assistance to Traditional

1. Carpentry work
2. Boat builder
3. Where is the lacquer
4. Blacksmith
5. Locksmith
6. Hammer and toolkit maker
7. Sonar (Sony)
8. the potter
9. Sculptor/ Stone Carver
10. cobblestone
11. Mason work
12. Basket, mat, broom maker
13. Traditional doll and toy maker
14. Nai (Hairdresser)
15. A nest builder
16. the washerman
17. the tailor
18. One who makes fish nets

Craftsmen and Artisans

Budget provision of 13 thousand crore rupees

18 traditional occupations involved

Sculptors and artisans will be recognized through certificates and ID cards.

Assistance up to Rs 1 lakh in first phase and Rs 2 lakh in second phase at 5% interest rate only

Under the scheme, skill development training, toolkit benefits, incentives and marketing support will be available on digital payment days.

Required Documents

Aadhaar Card - PAN Card - Ration Card Link Mobile Number Saving Bank Account Details with Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar card of all family members will become the card of only one person in the family.

Visit our Common Service Center (CSC) today for more plan information and registration.

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