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Who made the secretary of the Constituent Assembly?

A. B. N. Rao
B. H. C. Mukherjee
C. H. V. Iyengar
D. T. Krishnamachari

Which country did the Navy conduct "Operation Vanilla" to relieve the country?

A. Myanmar
B. Indonesia
C. Vietnam
D. Madagascar 2

In which district is the 'cave' also known as "Kuntamata's kitchen" located?

A. Jamnagar
B. Junagadh
C. Surendranagar 3
D. Bhavnagar

Who is considered to be the greatest Vedanta poet of literature?

A. Premananda
B. Bhalan
C. Narasimha Mehta
D. All 3

The largest endocrine gland?

A. Liver
B. adrenal
C. Thyroid 2
D. Pituitary

Which of these caves was discovered by Shri KK Shastri, a famous writer of Gujarat?

A. Kadia Dungar Caves
B. Zinzurizer Caves
C. The caves of the uppercoat
D. The caves of Khapra-Kodia of Karach

Former Chief Minister of Gujarat Madhav Singh Solanki previously held which position in the Government of India?

A. Home Minister
B. Minister of External Affairs
C. Minister of Environment
D. Minister of Finance

Word One Word For "Gradual Recovery From Illness.

A. Hysteria
B. Amnesia
C. Superannuation
D. Convalescence 2

Who did not become the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the second time?

A. Babubhai Patel
B. Madhav Singh Solanki
C. Amarsinh Chaudhary 3
D. Keshubhai Patel

Which of these works was written by Umashankar Joshi from Visapur Jail?

A. The heaviness of dreams
B. Martyr's dream 4
C. mansion
D. apprehension

Tennis player Novak Djokovic plays for which country?

A. Spain
B. Sweden
C. Serbia 2
D. Switzerland

Where is Velgan, the Mecca of Christians, located?

A. Karnataka
B. Goa
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Tamil Nadu 4

Who translated Jawaharlal Nehru's autobiography 'My Biography'?

A. Jinabhai Desai
B. Mahadevbhai Desai 3
C. Harivallabh Bhayani
D. Ra vs Pathak

 What are the names of Pentium Processor, Athlon etc.?
A. Mini processor
B. Microprocessor:
C. L. C. D.
D. Main processor

The only Muslim woman in the Constituent Assembly ...

A. Sultana Pathan
B. Ezaz Rasool 3
C. Nilofar Ali
D. Maryam Ali

Which state government recently celebrated "Mask Day" on June 15?

A. Bihar
B. Karnataka 4
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Kerala

Which of the following pairs does not fit?

A. Durand Cup - Football
B. Davis Cup - Lawn Tennis
C. Uber Cup-Badminton
D. Thomas Cup - Lawn Tennis

Controller General Of Accounts Of India

A. Rajiv Mehrishi
B. Soma Roy Burman 2
C. Rajiv Kumar
D. Pramod Modi

Which foreign bank has the largest number of branches in India?

A. Standard Chartered 3
B. Citi Bank
C. The Royal Bank Od Scotland
D. Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

Where did the Gujarat government set up a commission to review the reserves?

A. Rane Commission 3
B. Deshmukh Commission
C. Rajput Commission
D. Ramananda Commission

Cannot be enforced by a court

A. Elements of politics
B. Basic duties
C. Introduction
D. All 4 given

Who is called the Ganges of the South?

A. Godavari
B. Krishna
C. Kaveri 2
D. Tungabhadra

Which device provides uniform current to the commuter?

A. c. P. U.S.
B. Modem
C. Ports
D. U. P. S

The famous chariot temples carved out of a single stone or rock are the hallmarks of which era?

A. Rice
B. Chandel
C. Satavahana
D. Pallava 2

 Of _ Of us know Very _About The Real issue

A. Most, Much
B. Little, A Little
C. A few, Few
D. Most, Little 2

 Who made the footsteps of the falling mountain?

A. Skandagupta
B. Ashok
C. Kumarapala 2
D. Siddharraj Jaysingh

  Complete the Series.
A, B, D, G, K _

A. P
B. Q.
C. O
D. N

Which project has been launched by Gujarat Police to curb cyber crime in Gujarat?

A. Cyber ​​trust
B. Cyber ​​Security
C. Cyber ​​Gujarat
D. Cyber ​​Assurance 3

Viti Culture Farming What type of farming is it?

A. For horticulture
B. For floriculture
C. For grape cultivation
D. For vegetable cultivation

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