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When the Air Pollution Act came into force. ???

Where is Salim Ali Bird Science Center located? ???
☑️ Coimbatore

State the full name of J.F.M. ???
Joint Forest Management

🔰 The forest festival was first started by Kona. ???
☑️ Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi

When did the central government announce the new forest policy. ???

Which state has the highest number of sandalwood trees in India? ???

Where the reflection of an object forms in the human eye. ???
 On the retina

Iq is the mature form of coal. ???

Which phenomenon of light does not play a part in the formation of the rainbow. ???

What is the action of fermentation. ???
➡️ Ajarak disintegration

What is the largest organ in the human body?
➡️ Skin

What is green fuel called?

🔴 Khodidas Parmar is associated with which field. ???
☑️ Picture art

Who is the poet of "Battle of Haldighati" and "Gunwanti Gujarat". ???
☑️ Beware

Dr. Where is the Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University located?
In Ahmedabad

Identify the metaphor:
"Ocean means ocean"

Who wrote the book “White Dots in a Dark Alley”?
☑️ Himanshi Shelat

In which district is Rayali, the site of dinosaur eggs found?
☑️ Ocean

When was the All India Nature Cure Foundation Trust established? ???

16 November 19

When Naturopathy Day is celebrated. ???
16 November

Alia Bat is connected with which river? ???

Sardar Sarovar Yojana is located near which village. ???
➡️ Navagam

⭕ Where Sahajananda Swami was born. ???

⭕ Where the latter half of the festival is celebrated. ?
➡️ Modhera

M.p Dhandhalya

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