Gyan Sadhana Scholarship Exam Result

Gyan Sadhana Scholarship Exam Result

Have studied consecutively in government or aided primary schools from class 1 to 8 and have completed class 8 and the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (RTE Act, 2009) and the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules, 2012 under the provision of free education to the children of weaker sections and underprivileged groups of 6 to 14 years of age in independent schools to the extent of 25% of the class size in independent schools from students who have completed continuous studies from class-1 to class-8 and have completed their studies continuously from class-8 to bright students all employed in the state on the basis of merit. The matter of giving scholarship to such bright students of Gujarat state was under consideration of the state government to get admission in the secondary schools from standard-9 and get education upto standard-12 in the secondary schools selected by the state government affiliated to the board according to the norms prescribed by the state government. And accordingly Resolution No. 1 read above was issued.

Resolution No. 2 was issued as read above to determine the criteria for selection of self- reliant schools under the Gyan Sadhana Scholarship Scheme.

Bright students among the students who have studied continuously from class 1 to 5 in a government or aided primary school in the state and have completed class 5, employed in the state on the basis of merit Gujarat 1

Resolution of Chief Minister Gnanasetu Merit Scholarship Yojana as per No. 3 read above in order to get admission in standard 6th and get education up to standard 12th in self- supporting schools selected by the State Government as per the norms prescribed by the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or schools affiliated to other boards. was released.

It seems necessary in the interest of the students and parents to ensure a greater degree of parity between the Gnana Sadhana Scholarship Scheme of No.-1 and No.-2 and the Mukhari Gnanasetu Merit Scholarship Scheme of No.-3 read above. Therefore, it seems necessary to cancel the resolutions No.-1 and No.- R taken after reading and make a fresh resolution.

At the end of mature consideration of the present matter, it is decided to implement the scheme to select 25,000 brilliant students who have completed class 8 every year and give them scholarship for their studies from class 9 to 12, subject to the following conditions as stated in the preamble.

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